Finding the Best Deal on a Jaguar


For those who want a high end car to show off to their friends or family members, a Jaguar may be atop their wish list. The good news is that you can acquire one without having to go over your budget or without spending too much on features that you may not want or need. What are some good ways to save money on a new or used Jaguar?

Comparison Shop Online

The first thing that you want to do is comparison shop online. Doing so via the internet allows you to look at prices from a local car dealership, dealerships in other cities as well as peruse private listings. In many cases, you can find the best prices on any type of vehicle when you buy from a private party. However, it may be harder to get financing, which is why most people ultimately decide to buy from a dealer.

Should You Buy or Lease?

Typically, you can only lease cars from the current model year or from the model year immediately preceding it. However, it may be possible to lease a luxury vehicle even if it may be more than two or three years old. This is because they hold their value longer, and a dealer may rather see the car be leased than sit on the lot where it takes up space. Lease deals may be preferable because you generally get a lower payment as well as the opportunity to transfer a lease if you ever want or need to get out of it early without penalty.

What’s Your Credit Like?

A buyer who has good credit is likely to get a lower interest rate on any loan that he or she takes out. It may also be easier to better lease terms if you happen to have good credit. Car buyers may be able to get a 0 percent interest rate through a private lender or from a dealer if they have any special promotions at the time of the purchase.

Do You Have a Down Payment?

If you have a significant down payment, it may be possible to negotiate a lower price on the car itself. This limits the amount that you need to borrow as well as the amount of interest that you will ultimately pay on the loan. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to consider paying with cash if at all possible.

Jaguar is one of the top car brands in America and throughout the world. Owning one is a status symbol that may improve your standing among your peers or among clients who you may be trying to solicit an investment from or otherwise want to partner with.

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