MINI Cars are Compact, Powerful and Efficient

All of the MINI Cooper models are equipped with turbocharged engines that come with the TwinPower technology. The three-cylinder engines are capable of producing slightly more than 130 horsepower and over 160 lb-ft of torque. The four-cylinder engines are engineered to whip out more approximately 190 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. Some of the I-4 engines include twin-scroll turbochargers that increase the net output to about 230 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Compared to naturally aspirated engines with similar displacements, the TwinPower engines are a lot more powerful.

Dynamic Handling

A six-speed manual transmission system is usually paired with the three-cylinder TwinPower engine. This conventional transmission offers a truly personalized selection of gear sequences for daily driving. An automatic transmission with six ratios is compatible with the three-cylinder engine and four-cylinder engine. Some premium MINI models may be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission that’s optimized for smooth shifting in gears on highways.

You may customize the powertrain of a MINI by using the Driving Mode function. For example, the Green Mode should be turned on for an economical drive on an open road with little traffic. This efficient mode can significantly improve the fuel economy of used cars. The Sport Mode increases the responsiveness of the steering and throttle in order to boost performance at fast speeds. A multi-link rear suspension is another standard feature that enhances the ride on any track. When equipped with the Dynamic Damper Control, a MINI car is unlikely to get shaken up by rough roads. You can find more information online.

Digital Technology

When shopping for MINI Cooper models at car dealerships, customers have plenty of options when it comes to digital technology. Integrated into an oval console that has an 8.8-inch high-resolution display, a GPS navigation system delivers precise directions in real time. Google applications are seamlessly included in the navigation software. Entertainment options in MINI cars include SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Spotify and AM/FM channels. Some models are available with a Harman Kardon sound system that includes a total of 12 speakers. Scanning radio channels should be easy with the signature MINI Controller that has an ergonomic design. Integrated into the front windshield, a head-up display (HUD) shows real-time information from the audio and navigation systems.

Active and Passive Safety

The Dynamic Stability Control is a standard active safety technology in MINI cars. This traditional installation works in sync with the Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Anti-Locking Brake System. The Cornering Brake Control also improves handling on curved roads. Select models are equipped with up to eight standard air bags that provide great protection during accidents. A rollover protection system automatically deploys the side curtain air bags. Some trims have engine blocks that break away during a front crash in order to mitigate damage to the cabin.

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