Most Popular Honda Cars in Canada

Honda is a popular auto brand throughout North America. Consumer research indicates that people tend to buy this make because of the total cost of ownership: low sticker prices, excellent fuel mileage and best-in-class durability and warranties. Owners of these vehicles tend to be loyal as well, and Honda dealships indicate a high rate of return customers who turn in their current car in for a newer Honda. Based on sales numbers and Internet searches, let’s look at the five most popular models in Canada.

1. Civic

The Civic has been among the most-sold models in its class for decades and an annual best seller at most Honda dealships. The 2016 model is proven to be particularly exciting because the model has undergone a major redesign. The core Civic elements are all there, but it now features a more modern look that the automaker calls “daring” as well as turbocharged power and a stylish interior that’s been outfitted with technological advancements like a backup camera and USB ports.

2. Accord

The Accord is another Honda best seller, and the automaker made a big change with the 2008 model where it was transformed from a mid-size to a full-size sedan. This helped distance it from the Civic and better position it in the market. The Accord is a bit more expensive than the Civic, but it also fits the needs of a growing family better, and it’s not unusual for people to upgrade to an Accord from a Civic.

3. CR-V

The CR-V is a popular crossover SUV that provides ample passenger and cargo space without the inefficient fuel usage of a full-size SUV. The CR-V has been on the market since 1995, and it’s not only an excellent family car but one that suits an outdoor life and bad weather driving. The model also has an exceptional safety record within its class.

4. Pilot

The Pilot is an alternative to the CR-V for drivers who want a little more SUV in their crossover. The Pilot features roomier seating in the back that’s more suitable for adults. It also features a number of clever storage solutions as well as fold-down rear seating, and the Pilot has some engine upgrade options that aren’t available on the CR-V for those who need to tow a boat or camper.

5. HR-V

The Honda HR-V is the smaller brother of the CR-V. It’s been very popular for years in Japan before being brought to Canada and U.S. due to rising fuel prices. Fuel performance isn’t the only reason to buy an HR-V. Some people just prefer the agility and more compact nature of this vehicle. The HR-V is a perfect for a young couple who want cargo space but less so than the CR-V for the full family.

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