Top 4 Packing Mistakes to Avoid

You might think that packing is easy when preparing for a move. Most people believe that they merely put items into packing containers or boxes, tape them up and let the movers load them onto the moving truck. Unfortunately, viewing packing this way causes people to make costly packing mistakes that make the entire moving process chaotic. Packing requires extra planning more than you realize. Learn more at

1. Failing to plan ahead
Proper packing requires an adequate plan. Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of diving right into it without thinking much about what they are doing. The result of making this mistake is that you end up with missing or broken items, wasted time looking for your items, and disorganization of the belongings. You can avoid falling into this pitfall by taking some time before you start packing to determine the items that you will pack first, how to pack them, and how you will track all the things.

2. Leaving the packing task for the moving day
Later is a bad word; more so, when you are relocating. The worst mistake you can make is to leave most of the packing tasks for the moving day while you attend to other urgent jobs. What they don’t know is that they are making their relocation process harder than before when they postpone packing. Besides, when the movers arrive, they expect that you are already done with the packing is that they can load the items onto the moving truck. The best to avoid this mistake is to start the packing process immediately after confirming the house move.

3. Packing unnecessary items
Packing things that you no longer need or use is a waste of time and effort. Moving is a strenuous activity as it is, and the last thing you need is to complicate the process further by packing unnecessary items. Also, remember that you are increasing the moving costs because the movers you hire give estimates by considering your belongings or items. You should sort all your things before you start packing so that you can get rid of all the unnecessary items by donating or selling them. It even makes the packing process more relaxed than before.

4. Failure to label boxes
The mistake of assuming the importance of labeling packing boxes results from overconfidence. Most people think that they have a good memory, so they don’t need to label boxes. While you might have a good memory, it is not infallible. Since relocating is a hectic process, you might not identify each container or box based on its looks. Labeling your boxes is imperative.